Happy sirs on their way
Happy sirs on their way to another inauguration (below) - not of the six new Tbusses that came to Bergen this summer. The photo is from the inauguration of Setra ST110 (left) in 1961, Esslingen, Germany.
Nazified Tbus inside
The nazified tbus looked like this from the inside.
Sideeffects of Pilota
The CEO of GAIA (right) and the mayor of Bergen inaugurated the brand new MANbuses 15th of june 2003. Pilota.fm was initiated to save the tbusline in Bergen, in 2001. Now six brand new Tbuses are roaming the streets - even the Strandkaien.
Tbuswidows of Nigeria
This is a Tbus from the collection of the wife of the former Nigerian minister Martins Williams - famous for his email-business-proposals.
Tbeauty into Tmonster
The sound of tubas could be heard eminating from the inside, a witness tells the Trollopedia. The inauguration of several new Tbuses in Salzburg 1944 (left) was unfortunately put into nazi clothing. The sound and banners made the humble Tbeauty into a Tmonster.
Czeck silent revolution
A silent but electric revolution took place in Bergen this summer. During the trollofon in May, Czeck experts arrived in town. From the top of their unique trolleylift-truck they renewed the Tbuslines and made them ready for the six new tbuses coming to Bergen.
Tbus oder Obus
Tbuses in Germany are called Obus. This drei-achs Obus is from Germany. It's a model of the Tbus also in use by the San Francisco Eagles going from one training field to another. An extra cart is needed for carrying only balls and other stuff.
Lady with the red telephone
Elsa Ruchivov was the dedicated secretary of master Kynakh. At the factory called the lady with the red telephone. Extracts of her memoirs has been made available to the trollopedia.
This particular Tbus (left) ran thirty years ago, along the route roaming the high peaks around Salzburg, Austria. The passengers could see a wildlife unsurpassed by any other line in the world. Sometimes they could even spot eagles. And the driver had a knife in case of a bear attack.
Turn your home into a Tbus-city
Is your city lacking Tbusses? Is it unbearable? Then we can put some hope into your life. Open this brava-box with tbusmodels and turn your home into a tbus-city - like Bergen.
Honnecker and his Tbus
This sixwheel-tbus model (below) was found in the home of the former DDR-primeminister Honnecker. Dictator by day - he paid interest to other aspects of life at home. A small collection was also found in his partei-office.
Obus-schrottplatz Reichenbach
The world is full of eternal parking lots. Some of them for Tbuses only. This photo is from the 'Schrottplatz Reichenbach a.d. Fils' in Germany. Any photos or input about similar spots, is of highest interest for pilota.
A labourial life: mr. Kynakh
The very first director of the small tbusfactory OdaObus in Odessa - mr. Kynakh. His labourial life was filled with challenges few other in his seat have experienced. The trollopedia will therefore make note of his life.
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