Recent and forthcoming attractions at the klubb.

The electric engines does not only give the trolleybus it´s needed power - they also give energy to the Trollofon. The electricity is tapped directly from the wire-network above. Such were the old trolleys. The louder the musicians play the slower the trolleyengines work.




This Skoda 9Tr is furnished with trollofonic samples: Available for trollopeds, trollofonics and other maniacs.

All trollofonic samples in aiff format.

The trollofon publishing co. Get your trollofon here.  



Klubb Pilota ("Landmark Trolleyhall") has monthly shows at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall.

for upcoming program please check out the blog on pilota.fms frontpage!


Alexander Rishaug plays his trolleybook at klubb pilota

The venue of Klubb Pilota is 'Landmark '. A café based in a characteristic North Atlantic functionalistic building. The café is extremely well equipped electronically: a brand new audio and visual system. The remarkable interior is designed by the internationally claimed designer Børre Sæthre. It makes Landmark a perfect venue for klubb pilota. Klubb Pilota curates the Trollofon.

The Klubb Pilota is supported by the Norwegian Council of Cultural Affairs and The Norwegian Society of Contemporary Music. It's based on a collaboration between Bergen Kunsthall, BEK - Bergen Center of Electronic Art, GAIA trafikk, Ny Musikk Bergen and Studentradioen i Bergen.


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Espen S. Eide,
Zetlitzgate 3,
N-5006 Bergen,

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