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The electric engines does not only give the trolleybus it´s needed power - they also give energy to the Trollofon. The electricity is tapped directly from the wire-network above. Such were the old trolleys. The louder the musicians play the slower the trolleyengines work.




This Skoda 9Tr is furnished with trollofonic samples: Available for trollopeds, trollofonics and other maniacs.

All trollofonic samples in aiff format.

The trollofon publishing co. Get your trollofon here.  


Audio Archive

Download the full-size versions of the Skoda 9Tr sounds in aiff format (option-click or right-click):

Trolleyticksrythm (7.5Mb)

Wipers ( 9.6Mb)

Motor running downhill (5.7Mb)

Rear doors (5.4Mb)

Ticks at wheel (3.3Mb)

Front doors (3.4Mb)

Clicks when driving (6.7Mb)

Electric breaks (2.7Mb)

Electric engine (4.3Mb)

Various breaks and fans (28Mb)

Take a drive with us (28.9Mb)