Pilota reporter Petter von Krogh interviews those who deserve it. Following interviews are availbable in realaudio:
Alec Empire
Venetian Snares

Landmark Trolleyhall is a refinement of the Club Pilota concept. It includes a specific sound and visual profile - called trolloscopics. This club started as a club supplement to the Trollofons. The club is run on every first thursday of the month. The place is always the wonderful cafè in our functionalistic temple of a gallery - next to the pond in downtown Bergen.

But, what the heck is a Trollofon? You may wonder. If you want a dissertation on the topic click here. In short it is chamberelectronica concertante where a vintage Skoda 9Tr - Tbus is soloist. The Trollofon started as a project with one single goal - we wanted to open the ears of the municipal politicians and save the last trolleybusroute of Northwestern Europe. The contiuation of the Trollofons depended upon our success...

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May 2003 Trollofon no. 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 will be arranged during the Bergen International Festival. Wonderful electronika on an international level is being booked in these days. If you know about perfect artists for such a gig, please contact us.

This edition of pilota.fm includes the following tracks:

trollofon no.3
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This webcam from the Bergen Technical Museum shows the enthousiastic restauration crew hard at work on the Sputnik T'bus.

The recorded webversion of Trollofon no. 3 is ready for download.

Trollofonician is OVAL.

We arranged three Trollofons as a part of the Bergen International Festival. Oval was the first of these.

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Upcoming Trollofons:
Trollofon no. 4 (Alog) & no. 5 (Kim Hiorthøy). Check back soon, or submit you email to our newslist -

The Sputnik is not a Soviet rocket. The Sputnik is an old Munck-trolleybus assembled here in Bergen, Norway. It was named Sputnik because it´s completion coincided with the takeoff of the Soviet Sputnik-rockets. Up until now it has been a relic stored at the Bergen Museum of Technology, but that is set to change.

Pilota.fm (the trollopedic division) curates the restoration of this T'bus. The Sputnik is able to transport twice the number of people compared to the Skoda 9Tr (of trollofon fame). But not to worry: the Sputnik isn't going to outshine the 9tr- it's planned as a supplement to avoid recent cases of the trollofon being overcrowded.

The restoration will be done by the enthousiastic mechanics and electricians of the Bergen Society of Vintage Buses. Through our webcam service you may catch a glimpse of them welding and polishing almost 24 hr a day in the Bergen Museum of Technology.