Haco treated us all to this wonderous trollofon no. 14 last year. She installed contact microphones on strategic places in the trolleybus and mixed the result live. At first glance for the hard core trolley enthusiasts only, it surprisingly turned out to be one of the most meditative and beautiful audio journeys so far in the trollofon history. Now it is ready for download and streaming.

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But, what the heck is a Trollofon? You may wonder. If you want a dissertation on the topic click here. In short it is chamberelectronica concertante where a vintage Skoda 9Tr - Tbus is soloist. The Trollofon started as a project with one single goal - we wanted to open the ears of the municipal politicians and save the last trolleybusroute of Northwestern Europe. The contiuation of the Trollofons depended upon our success...

Check out the sight and sounds of the wonderful Skoda trolleybus in this interactive point and click presentation.


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Music this month chosen by Henrik Svanevik of the Transformator organizer group. Here is the tracklist. If you have problems with starting the radio stream, you can also try this alternative link, or do it manually by opening iTunes (or similar), choose "Open Stream" in the meny and insert the following address: "http://trollofon.bek.no/radio.m3u"

The crew from the boutique
still spins those records from the techno underground.
Boutique Electronique - the 90's special edition
Boutique Electronique 6
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Boutique Electronique 1

Pilota reporter Nicholas H. Møllerhaug engages his victims in strange, ever unexpected, associative conversations.
Kim Cascone
Francisco Lopez & Lasse Marhaug
The Ekko festival

DVD: Nor Noise
Dj Rupture
Electric company
Konsert: Single Unit / Donna Summer
Mouse on Mars
Ost & Kjex

The reviewed music may also be heard in the Boutique Electronique shows.
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Goodiepal: Games and funerals

The music of Goodiepal et cetera is often described as emanating from playgrounds, fairgrounds and other surreal grounds. Yet that image is wrong. The significance of his music is found in other constellations: It is the sound of death. Though death in the form of play.

1. Moving inside these sounds you are confronted by a form of life in which games and funerals are the same thing. They are called by the same name, enacted in the same attitude, accompanied by the same songs. Meeting such creatures one wants to point out to them that their word for games and funerals is homonymous. But they reply: It is rather your two words that are synonymous. Then you say: Can’t you see the difference? In response to which they stare at you, the stranger, as though you were the confused one. Does that mean that joy and sorrow feel the same in their form of life? It does in their music – this music.

2. Modern anthropology has reminded us that pre-historical men in the North were unable to see their own faces. In a time of no mirrors, in a land of moving waters, one could only see what other people looked like. Children tried all sorts of tricks in order to catch sight of their own faces, yet none succeeded. Some accepted their fate, but for others what started as a game grew into madness. Scientists have discovered that many even killed themselves, hoping that when their souls left the body they would get a glimpse of their face en passant. Hovering over the dead body, seeing their face for the first time, they heard sounds like this.

3. This music reveals only a single aspect of itself. We can hear the sounds it secretes, but not the world in which they are grounded. They are the remnants of a form of life in which only the signs are preserved. The things for which they stand are gone, never to be found. If this is folk music, it is the music of an extinct, unknown culture. Only their sounds linger on, sounds that do not belong anymore. Worldless music, speaking only of death.

These creatures, these images, inhabiting the sounds of this music or the music of these sounds, are not, not at all, sports of nature, but the nature of nature itself. Putting that notion into play is the real achievement of Goodiepal.

Steinar Bøyum