Lasse Marhaug ixmix

Pilota.fms mp3-radio has just been updated with noise guru Lasse Marhaugs eclectic mix of tunes. Check it out!


Lokofon 04

Parts of the pilota team have been working hard this summer organizing the first ever lokofon! The lokofon is music on the northermost railroad in the world - the old 8 km line from Kirkenes to the mines at Bjørnevatn. Apart from running on diesel and not electricity it bears a striking similarity to the trollofon! In danger of being shut down, rural readers - the pilota sister project - would like instead to extend the line into Russia to connect to the trans-siberian line. For some action snapshots from this years lokofon + a great video documentary by Oscar Östergren can be found on this page: Lokofon 04 snapshots


Northermost Trolley in the World

The ever expanding pilota guide to trolleys last weekend went to Murmansk in the far north of Russia to check out the northermost trolleynetwork in the world.


New phonophani album out now

RCD 2039 – Phonophani: Oak or Rock

This is the third Phonophani album, the second for Rune Grammofon.

"The title ”Oak or Rock” refers to mysterious connections between material things, and the album is all about rediscovering the great mystery of music. Through dissecting the sound of ordinary or ”real” instruments such as cello, vibraphone, guitars, trumpets and the human voice and dissolving melodies into their elementary particles, Espen Sommer Eide seeks to excavate the ”ur” music itself. Instruments are often sampled and manipulated using software designed and made by himself, being a keen programmer who prefers this to the so-called industry standards, giving the album a personal and unique sound. Maja Ratkje and Nicholas H. Møllerhaug have also contributed with voice and cello on oak or rock."

visit: phonophani
order: runegrammofon