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With the trollofon activity being frozen at the moment (no trollofon this year!) we felt the need to clean up the webpage by presenting our various projects as being under the pilota umbrella organization. Please visit our other projects ruralreaders and arkivsirkus by clicking the links on the right. The "trollofon" link is a link to the old radio and trollofon pages.


Klubb Pilota, November 9

Andreas Meland (N)
Wipthrash (N).

Thursday 09.11.2006 at 21:00, Landmark, Bergen.


Klubb Pilota, August 2

Greg Malcolm (NZ)
Jan Erik Mikalsen: Folkstories (N).
Kjerstin Lövdal (vocal) og Harald Kvasnes (guitar).

Wednesday 02.07.2006 at 21:00, Landmark, Bergen.

Greg's site:
an interview with Greg Malcolm ( here
A review on greg's Safe As Milk festival gig here.


Trollomoments 2006

This years trollofon festival is over and has been a major success! More people than ever took the old Sputnik (as far as it would go before the meltdown) and the evenings at Landmark where packed with Trolleyheads.
Here you can see some pictures taken by Marit Ubbe and Sami from Es/Fonal Records.


Trollofon 06: 2. - 4. june

The program and dates for the trollofon are now ready! This years line-up is: Messer Chups, Sagor & Swing, Fm3, Janek Schaefer, Sanso-xtro, Maxime Rioux, Lasse Marhaug, Es, Rishaug/Moe/Rønnekleiv, Silje Nes, Atle S. Nielsen and Pilota Djs

Sagor & Swing, Fm3, Janek Schaefer and Es will take care of the concerts in the trolleybus, and together with the rest they will also play the trolleyclub friday and saturday night at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall.


All details, tickets, soundclips, etc. at


The sleeping trolleys of Pleven

A few days ago the pilota headquarters received an intriguing mail from a trolleyspotter in Pleven - it read:

Hi there!

I like your trolleybus site. Congratulations for your dedication to save the Bergen trolley system!

Maybe you will be interested to learn some queer facts about the trolleys of my hometown Pleven, Bulgaria.

Pleven is probably the only trolleybus city in Europe where the carmen park the vehicles in front of their homes (like own car) in the evenings. The depot in town has a capacity of about 20 vehicles while there are 83 trolleys in Pleven. As Pleven is relatively small town the parked trolleys seem to be everywhere parked around the residential areas. You can see them "sleeping" on the sidewalks, on the grass near the road or just on the right side of the main streets. That`s why the town looks like a trolleybus depot.

Pleven has a population of 140 000 and 15 trolley lines (70 km trolley route) . The network covers almost all of the town`s streets.

If you are interested I could send you pictures of the Pleven trolleys. All of them are old Soviet ZIU-9.

Have a good day :-)!


Pleven, Bulgaria

And here are the pictures of the sleeping trolleys - Thanks Stoyan!


Klubb Pilota, March 30

Piana (JP)
Bjørnar Habbestad (N)

Thursday 30.03.2006 at 21:00, Landmark, Bergen.


Klubb Pilota, February 19

Anders Hana – gitar
Ketil Møster – sax

Sunday 19.02.2006 at 21:00. Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall. cc: 50,–


Klubb Pilota, January 17

Pilota Djs

Tuesday 17.01.2006 at 21:00. Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall. cc: 50,–